Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sesen Farms, Oliver BC

Hey y'all

I just came across this fun web site:

They're a relatively new farm outfit in Oliver, making it happen on 8 acres.

Welcome Sesen Farm!

They also have a great blog, and Lord knows how we love us some blogs.

They're at the Oliver Farmers Market on Saturdays. You do patronise your local farmer's market, right?

Speaking of the market, and all the ultra high quality local produce grown right here in the Okanagan, it would appear that what we need in the Okangan is something like Some kind of web-based bulletin board where producers and buyers can get together. A dynamic site that can be "sorted" by farm location, product and price, date of harvest, etcetera. Something that can be accessed by anyone and updated at any time.

Certainly there must be a local Okanagan high school (or college) ready to donate a little intellectual capital towards such a project...couldn't some kind of meaningful curriculum evolve out of an analysis of the reasons for and the planning and creation of an open source Okanagan-centric knock off of

But I digress.

Get the to Sesen Farms at once!


  1. So, where is this blog, and do they have goat's or sheep's milk? I wanna make cheeze

  2. Hi everyone
    There already is a "Food-Hub-Like site for the Okanagan food system called

    The site is run by FarmFolk CityFolk and is completely free to use.

    If yo have any questions feel free to contact me (Erin) at, erin(a)

  3. Shared Harvest Okanagan has closed down this year.... too bad, I miss it. It was a great idea but not enough traffic. Sesen does have goats, give them a call, you can find their contact info here:

    Raina Dawn of