Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Brother Satan!

Well, this is everything that is wrong with the world today. I know that I'm being a little over dramatic but really, with everything that is going wrong with food in the world today, why is it that the only celebration of food that I have seen televised in such a manner on this continent is in fact the celebration of not only personal but also national gluttony. Not to mention that the food being gorged upon is one of the most bastardized forms of food know to man.

I would wager anything I posses or will ever posses in the future, that most likely not even 1 in 10 North Americans know what the word charcuterie means. However, I could guarantee that 10 of 10 North Americans know what a hot dog is. Essentially the same thing are they not....I guess. To go even a step farther, I would also be willing to wager that more Americans know who Joey Chestnut is than know who James Kent is.

Anyhow...enjoy. You know that I did

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