Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pea's & Carrots

So for lunch today, Ruby trout was the protein of choice. An easy choice really as it is really quite delicious. Thanks to John at Codfather's in Kelowna for supplying us with the most beautiful fish. It's hard to get anything for quality fish in the South Okanagan, so it's great to have John and his team go the extra mile, literally, to get us the best quality.

Finally some of the heartier produce is coming in the back door at the restaurant. The heat (38c) has really brought a lot of things to maturity. Some of the first things to come in were some beautiful shelling peas and some oh so sweet carrots. Pea's and carrots, doesn't get much better than that.

For the peas I made a soup out of them. First making a pea stock with the shells. Then pureeing blanched peas into the stock. This intensifies the pea flavor and gives it a vibrant green color. I used that liquid along with some fresh peas and chevre it make a risotto.

For the carrot, which I got a lot of questions about from guests wondering what I did to make them taste so great, nothing. All I did was put them in a pot with vegetable stock, about 1/3 the amount of carrots, a knob of butter and a little salt. Bring them to a boil while covered and cook until tender, then puree. This is, in my opinion, the only way to do a vegetable puree. Then reason people loved it so much is because it tasted like a carrot and only a carrot.

Garnished the plate with a little jullienne of radish and some micro greens.

It doesn't get much more July 10th than that in Osoyoos. Food in the door and on to your plate. Gotta love it. Sean Peltier

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