Thursday, July 8, 2010

My first try at bagels

So I finally decided to try bagels. What was really interesting and not funny ha ha but funny peculiar was that bagels are not very challenging at all. So why? Why oh why do we buy these insulting mass produced bagels for 4 dollars a bag full of ingredients I have never heard of and call them bagels?
I assure you my friend, that they are not in fact bagels.

step one:
wrap my head around the idea that bagels can be made by hand at home and not cause my day off to become yet another day of work.

This is a pic of my little Bro Michael kneading his first bagel dough. He is 15 years young. When I was 15 I never knew you could get a bagel that didn't come from a plastic bag.

Bagel dough being weighed to be cut into balls to be shaped.

Sean our bagel "guru" teaching Michael how to roll out bagel dough into those familiar shapes we all know and love.

here are the little ones ready to go in the fridge over night to be boiled and baked in the morning

bagels boiling. I boil mine for 3 minutes so they are extra chewy.

Post Boil, Post seeded, and Pre oven stage.

Here they are. The finished product.

I must say that I am very happy that I took the bagel plunge. I will never...I repeat! NEVER! Never buy bagels from a super market as long as i live. I do not mind buying them from a local baker, but good luck! How many times have you walked into a bakery and actually seen a bagel like the ones above, and trust me I am not bragging. I didn't do much, it's all in the method, in the dough. Trust your dough!
Bagel maker 5000 out!


  1. Yes, it was a very good first effort. Super tasty when we had them with our goats cheese for breakfast. Nice to have a 15yr old making bagels, I'm not sure I would have been into that at 15...then again I probably would have. Bagels rock!

  2. They look delicious! I thought I recognized Michaels' hands, way to get him working :)
    Great job!