Friday, July 16, 2010

Of Wine and Beef

Wine Beef. Okanagan's Finest.

While there's no sign of any reply to Sean's query, which is a pity, I did get to eat some of this Wine Beef a.k.a. Okanagan's Finest.

Though the jus does not taste like wine, the beef (and the jus) was quite red and quite delicious.

The roast was an eye of round. The last time I cooked an eye of round, I made boliche. It wasn't super delicious, mostly because I'm not a very good cook. It was a little dry--which isn't totally unusual for that cut. Not a lot of fat there.

This wine beef roast, made by Syl, cooked on the bar-b-que with a mustard crust, was not dry at all. It had a wonderful texture and a deep, vivid taste--from the well cooked ends to the more rare middle.

They know a thing or two about cooking a roast at the feed lot, so I got to taste Okanagan's Finest under optimal conditions. Sadly there wasn't a "regular" eye of round roast against which to compare the Wine Beef, but I'd say there's a difference.

Now all we need is a local abattoir...


  1. For a bunch of cows standing around in a pen full of their own fecal matter, I must say that they look calm as Hindu cattle. From the few times that I have been up to see them, I can assure you that they look delicious just laying on the ground. I have yet to taste this beef, but I know the time is growing near. Oh, and Stanley, I think that stuffing some chorizo on there is one hell of a great idea. I wonder if they would like to eat some of the tons of fruit that are being dumped at the feed lots composting yard. A little cherry couldn't hurt them at all, could it?

  2. Who hasn't spent a few days (weeks, months, years) standing around in their own fecal matter?

    Later in the season, there will be tons (and tons and tons) of apples delivered to the feed lot. (Humans don't eat apples, silly.) Apples are a great way to make friends with the cows...after a while, they'll eat them out of your hand with eerie gentleness.

    At first they're not quite sure what to make of the big red balls in their feed bunks, but soon, that's what they go for first--like eating the middle of the oreo before the wafer parts.

  3. MMMMMMMMM double stuffed oreo's mmmmmmmmmmm.
    Can we use the apples to bait the pigeons in any way?