Sunday, July 18, 2010

Okanagan Daily Special Stock Exchange

Good morning Okanagan!

Just the other day, my neighbor came by and mentioned she had 20 pounds of beautiful cherries from her friend's farm and was wondering if any of the local restaurants where I sell my labor would be interested in some local cherries.

I was sceptical, and furthermore, I don't much relish the job of middleman.But I asked at the Tuesday through Thursday restaurant, and much to my surprise, the chef there wanted cherries.

Typical typical typical!

This got me to thinking about how our beloved internets could be of service, which let me to create

Go ahead, click on it.

The (my) idea is that people like my neighbor (and other producers) can post messages like:

For Sale: 20 lbs Cherries

with all the salient details, while buyers can post messages like

Wanted: 20 lbs Cherries

These messages will, through the magical powers of the interwebs, be sent to all subscribers to the newsgroup. Visualise an in box filled with opportunities.

My hope is that larders shall always be stocked and that precious Okanagan produce (and the labor invested therein) shall never be wasted.

Would you like to be a part of? Then JOIN! It's as easy as reading and sending e-mail!

Naturally this is a work in progress, and as always, I look forward to your comments, suggestions (and most of all) participation!

This is a free service from your friends at Okanagan Daily Special.


  1. It looks as though we (you) might have just started something that people want but had no idea how to create. Lets see who we can get to play along, how many farms and restaurants can we email. I guess I'll start tonight. Nice one Stan. I like where you're going with this. And all for free? but how will you ever afford an escalade?

  2. Oh and I like the Jamaican flagging of ODS