Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner special 23/07/10

So for yesterdays special i made perogies, which I love to eat as well as love to make.
I made the dough the night before, equal parts by weight yogurt and flour (sour cream is what I usually use but there was none available at the time) as well as salt.
Then I made a morel mushroom, onion, herb, ricotta, and raclette filling.
I blanched them and then seared them for color and texture.
they were delicious if I do say so myself!
The plate unfortunately did not come out as nice (to me anyway) because of how large the veal chop is, it pretty much took over the plate.
there are local organic carrots on the plate as well as micro radishes and asian plum gastrique and a red wine jus.
next time I think I would just do perogies! As they speak for them selves... saying that makes me feel like I may or may not be 1/64 Ukrainian or something to that effect.

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  1. That was a really good perogy.
    The dough was paper thin and delicious. Gyoza like. I'm for it!