Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doom Doom Doom


Just a little information about the impact so far on the seafood industry due to the BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. I know that we have all hear a lot about it in the past few months, however, this is something that really hits home. Please enjoy a few pages of depression.

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  1. Pretty darn ghoulish.

    It was interesting to read how that one chef said he's serving more fish than ever as a way of supporting the fishing industry..."so long as the fish is safe."

    yeeaaah...safe...sure...like deep oil drilling is safe? Why would a government food inspection agency have any reason to accidentally misrepresent toxicity levels in the gulf food chain? We have science, and while that science still can't safely deliver raw milk from a cow to a consumer, certainly it can keep an accurate tab on the health of all marine life in the gulf (if it's not floating on its back, it must be healthy) and certainly "we" (as suppliers and demanders) can be trusted to act accordingly on that accurate information, in the best interest of health and the environment, right?

    Kind of makes you wish there were some local bodies of water capable of supporting edible aquatic life in a sustainable fashion...Oh well, see you on the jet ski!

    Which will be the first restaurant in our inland, Okanagan region to say "salt water fish isn't local, and hence, has no business on our menu?"

    When will our present lunatic era of Okanagan ice packed styrofoam mesh bag special sticker from the back of truck fish madness end and the golden era of local Okanagan raised and butchered beef/sheep/goat meat begin?