Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lunch Feature 24.07.10(peas & carrots redux)

Thanks to a slow start to the summer it seems as though we are behind on a lot of produce that we would usually be having by now. As a result I had to go back and use some peas & carrots, something that I did a few features ago. This time it will be ling cod as the protein.

Pretty simple, this one was. I was really working on tomorrows feature, which will be a fun one.
So, i did a pearl barley risotto. I like to use barley for a starch as it has texture for miles and miles. It's really hard to over cook barley, in fact you would most likely have to try to do so. I pulled some pea nage from the freezer that I made a while back and used that as the sauce. Then for veg, I did a salad of shaved carrots and pea shoots.

Easy does it on this one. Nothing over the top, just nice, clean, simple flavors. Nothing wrong with that.

Sean Peltier

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