Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lunch feature 15.08.10

Pan seared Ling Cod
Grilled Pheasant Sausage
Summer Squash and Celery Leaf Risotto
Tomato and Clam Broth

This whole feature came together thanks to Shannon's first ever attempt at making a sausage. These Pheasant sausages that she made were spot on. Done in the style of a Boudin Blanc, she got the fat content and seasonings absolutely perfect. From there it was easy. I didn't think that just a plate of sausages would sell on a day pushing 40 degrees celcius. I did a little surf and turf instead and they flew out the door. Simply pan fried ling cod, grilled sausage, a risotto with beautiful baby patty pan squash and a celery leaf pistou mixed in. I finished the plate of with some home made clamato. I like the thin broth with risotto, it seems to keep the rice at a good consistency throughout the meal instead of getting to thick.

It was a good special to end and extremely busy week in which I cooked hot lunches for approximately 800-900 people in blistering heat, all the while standing in front of a white hot grill, two ovens at 400 degrees and 14 burners. Those of you in the same position as me, a tip of the cap. I am going to soak myself in the river for two days and try to stop my brain from overheating.



  1. I want to dissect your brain, brother.

  2. Only if you promise to cook a bit of it after all the science experiments.

  3. making those sausages was so great! A wonderful learning experiance, that is the reason why I love cooking so much, is that i get to learn everyday if i let myself.
    nice feature sean!