Friday, August 13, 2010

Lunch feature 13.08.10

Candied Okangan Sockeye Belly & Halibut Corn Dog
Warm Cabbage, Onion & Pork Belly Slaw
Creamed Local Corn
Prawn Mayo & Oil
Roasted Red Pepper & Horseradish Puree

When cleaning some locally caught Okanagan Sockeye Salmon, on of our cooks Jeff asked (knowing full well that I would say yes) if I had any use for some salmon bellies. I absolutely love candied salmon bellies, however not nearly as much as my wife. So, I know that If I make some candied salmon bellies Shannon will be thrilled, which in return makes me thrilled. Last time I did this I used the bellies to make candied salmon hummus, which I served with some salmon.

What to do with the bellies this time. Well, I candied them again, which I did by curing them for a few hours in a mixture of 60/40 brown sugar and rock salt. After that I smoked them for about 2 hours.

Now that I had the bellies I had to figure out something to do with them. I wanted to make it the stand out flavor in the dish, not a side component. I have done the fish cake thing recently so that was out. What I had been wanting to do for a while is a sausage special, so why not a fish sausage. I decided to take it one step further and do a corn dog with it. Everyone loves a corn dog.

So I made a sausage with pieces of candied salmon and halibut mousse with the addition of a few different vegetables and spices all stuffed into a pork intestine casing. I then poached them on a stick and set them aside until I got an order. Upon ordering, I dipped them into the corn meal batter and deep fried them until golden and delicious.

For the accutrements I did a warm cabbage, onion and pork belly slaw. Nothing fancy there.

Some creamed corn that Shannon made by pureeing blanched corn into a stock made from cobs.
I just added in some blanched kernels for some added corn texture.

Prawn mayo made with prawn oil

Roasted red pepper and horseradish puree.

That is essentially it. Candied salmon corn dogs, eat it up, yum!

Sean Peltier

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