Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lunch feature 07.08.10 pt.2

Beef heart & local peach tartare
Poor mans brioche
beef heart mayo

So, I heart beef heart. That's all that there is to it. As a result of this infatuation, I made a beef heart tartare. After all, if you wanna eat some heart, it had better be raw.

For the tartare I diced the heart(right before serving to prevent bacterial growth), mixed in some fresh peaches, house made peach mustard, house made peach vinegar, shallots, chives & capers with a little bit of olive oil. Season, serve.

The mayo was made by trimming off the fat that surrounds the heart then rendering it until it is liquid. Once cooled, I made the mayo as one would. I also added a little bit of truffle oil. I love the irony of serving the fat that surrounds one animals heart directly into the heart of the animal that's eating it. Fortunately, people shouldn't eat heart everyday. Therefore, what's the harm in eating beef heart fat mayo once in your life. I'm sure that if you were to eat it more than once in your life, the second time would be your last...permanently. So fatty it made my tongue do a strange dance in my mouth and I could feel the arteries in my neck constricting. Bad karma for me serving that to people.

The brioche I made quickly yesterday. Sans recipe. What makes it a poor mans brioche is that it has a lot less egg yolk and butter that a traditional brioche. It also has no milk in it and I made a poolish sponge to start it off.

The feature sold well enough considering that it was raw beef heart. What the hell, why not.

Sean Peltier

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