Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lunch feature 07.08.10 pt.1

Crispy pork belly
Grilled poor man's brioche
Sauteed cabbage & onion
Stone fruit chutney
Prawn bisque, mayo & oil

The summer of pork continues with another champion of swine.Who loves an open face crispy pork belly sandwich? I do, you do, we all do.

The pork bellies were braised, then pressed and cooled. Then the were cut to size an pan roasted until crisp. The belly sat on top of some stone fruit chutney(thanks to Shannon's handy work), which sat on top of some cabbage and onions, which sat on top of some grilled poor man's brioche.

This is where the prawn comes in. A bisque is on the plate, which will get all soaked up by the bread. There is an oil made from the prawn shells that is garnishing the bisque. With that same oil I made a mayo that is garnishing the top of the pork belly.

This was one hell of a sandwich, I know that I'll be making this one again sometime.

Sean Peltier.

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