Tuesday, August 17, 2010

dinner feature

I have had the tendency not to post my photos or specials because they just aren't quite "special" enough.
In the industry we say that practice, and hard work, dedication and the willingness to let your ego go just in case you were to fail.
So I am going to put my money where my mouth is, even if I do not like a feature, or think it's worth blogging about, I am going to do it anyway just so I can look back and see myself, and my food grow.
The reason why I am writing that is because I know there are cooks in the Okanagan and elsewhere that read this and do not blog...why? Why do we say we should share things with each other and yet we do not when there is a perfect opportunity right here.

So out of the 5 features I did this week, I only took photos of one...I don't know why (the above paragraph explains it mostly).

This feature was very simple and if I may say so myself quite tasty also.
I made a organic heirloom tomato puree (just salt, xvoo added), warm salad of organic blue potato, house smoked bacon and cabbage. There was also a cold salad of organic cucumber, baby heirloom tomatoes and tarragon. The protein was pan seared halibut filet, and olive oil poached halibut cheeks.


  1. Yes, it would be great if some of the people that I know are reading the blog would get involved with writing and posting specials as well. It really doesn`t take more than 5 min a day to do. Plus, why wouldn`t you want people to get to know your food, you never know when you might have your own business. Imagine if you already had a clientele knocking down your door on opening day of your restaurant or other project. Plus, I know that I would love some constructive criticism on my specials from peers and on lookers as well. Not to mention all the knowledge and techniques that can be traded.
    Good on you Shannon for finally posting some of your work, lovely as always.

  2. I really like that photograph...the vegetables at the top of the frame are a fun contrast to the assembled plate. Seeing the two (lovely) plates together reminds me of those "what's different in these picture" puzzles you see in the finer news papers. I love those!

    Fun and delicious!