Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rabbit action

I have not done a rabbit terrine since cooking school, so I decided to try another one.
This was somewhat frustrating for me for some reason. I think the main reason was I kind of just wanted to do a quick terrine, but with rabbit it's best to make a farce, wrap it in the loin and skin and poach it, so it's a bit more of a production.
I started out De-boning the rabbit which was fairly easy as I have done this before. The farce as well was pretty simple (lemon verbena, orange rind, pork fat, rabbit meat and fat, seasoning, all grind-ed up).
The hard part came getting the farce into a tight meat log (as sean calls it), he had to help me several times with that, I just couldn't seem to get it quite tight enough. Because it took me so long, and I was over frustrated I left it over night and decided to come back to it the next day.

I was feeling better about it and pounded out the rabbit terrine pretty quick at this point. I wrapped the farce in the loin and skin, wrapped it in cheesecloth (tightly) and poached it in rabbit stock and pork stock.

I brought the terrine up to 147 degrees and let it cool completely in the liquid, the result was pretty good. Next time I will be adding a bit more seasoning and a bit more lemon verbena.
All and all good learning day(s).

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  1. This was a tasty product Shan. YOu got the fat content bang on in the farce, it could have used a bit more seasoning as you said but other than that it was great. Personally, I like to leave the tenderloin whole and run it through the center as opposed to grinding it up for the farce. Really nice though, the lemon verbena was a nice touch.