Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunch feature 5.09.10

Pulled Pork with Peach BBQ Sauce
Grilled Smoked Cheddar & Chili Loaf
Coleslaw with Wildflower Honey Dressing
Fresh Peaches & Peach Mayo

So this feature is just an open faced pulled pork sandwich with a peach kick. I love a sloppy pulled pork as much as the next guy. However, I'm not so sure the people coming to eat at a winery in the South Okanagan necessarily want to have shredded pork cascading down their polo tees and free flowing blouses. With that being said, a little bit of refinement was in order and a fork and knife is always refined, right?

The pork was braised and then shredded before being tossed in a peach BBQ sauce. The sauce was very light, vinegar and mustard based with a lot of peach puree.

As for the bread, Smoked Cheddar from Farmhouse and local chili's. I started with a poolish that was 50/50 whole wheat and white flour. The mix itself was all white flour.

The coleslaw was simple. Cabbage, carrots and onion, with some herbs and a light dressing. The dressing was egg based, dijon, wildflower honey and apple cider vinegar, all emulsified with oil. I hate coleslaw that is bound together with a thick mayo and the pure vinaigrette ones leave me wanting a little bit more, so I find a thin dressing works the best.

The peach mayo was just as it sounds, peaches in mayo. I put some fresh peach slices on as well to add some unadulterated peach love.

I had to plate it all sliding over to make the dish look bigger. I knew that it was enough food, but when I plated it stacked up like a sandwich it looked like it needed to be served with an accompanying side dish. I think it looked good with the slant on it, since it was a slant on a pulled pork anyway. Hmm, my plating was a pun. I'm not sure if I've ever done that before.

Sean Peltier

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