Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lunch feature 25.09.10

Roasted Leg of Peace Country Lamb
Whole Wheat and Mint Loaf
Bell Pepper and Onion Marmalade
Plum BBQ Sauce and Dijon Mayo

This delightful sandwich was fun for me. Why? Because I really like to make bread, that's why.
Leg of lamb is always delicious, double plus good when it's from the area of my upbringing.

The leg of lamb was slow roasted to a beautiful medium and glazed with a plum BBQ sauce. I sliced it nice and thin and served it cold on the bun.

For the bread I did a 40% whole wheat and added a bit of butter and egg yolk to give it a great, soft texture that still had a nice crust. I added some mint and rosemary to the mix as well to appease all of those who won't eat lamb with out mint.

A simple Dijon mayo and an equally simple bell pepper & onion marmalade worked as the sauce and garnish respectively. Not to leave the lettuce component out, I put some micro mustard greens in there as well to bring a little bit of fresh heat to the whole diddly bap.

This was just a great sandwich for anyone really. The Peace Country lamb has a really mild flavor in comparison to the Australian or New Zealand lamb which makes it a great choice for those who need to be converted to this meat.

Sean Peltier

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