Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dinner Feature 10/09/10

I love corn. I really do. I think I may actually be part corn...I'm pretty sure we all are.
I love corn so much that since corn has been in season I have picked it up personally 3 times just so I can use it in a feature (we don't always have it at work).
I also love saffron but because of the type of restaurant I work at and the fact that saffron doesn't grow here I don't often use it, so I brought some from home.
The feature I made was Fennel Pollen crusted Rock fish, warm Israeli cous-cous salad (which had piment d Espelette, Pistachio Pesto, Heirloom tomatoes, organic cucumber), grilled and glazed vegetables, and a saffron corn sauce.
I have a sort of comment and a question...About a month ago I made the exact same sauce but with no saffron in it, virtually the same ratio of liquid to cobs and corn. The finished product of that sauce was much thicker (more of a thick coulis consistency) but this time It was MUCH thinner. Andrew (a co-worker) suggested that this would be due to the fact that the corn grown during the hotter months (august) has more starch and the corn grew in a colder month (which now is September) has more sugar content. That this would be the reason...Hmmm. Makes sense to me, but I still think that's crazy. Vegetables amaze me. They really really do.
Anyway, the feature was quite nice but unfortunately didn't sell too well, I wonder if it's because it's such a summery dish and it's not so much like summer out? I guess it's back to braised meats and lentils and what not. Which isn't really a bad thing...
we should all cut into a squash now, cook it, and take notes...then in october cut into the same variety of squash, cook it and see if there's a difference in starch and sugar content.

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