Friday, June 25, 2010

possible mobile abattoir to the south okanagan

So, my father was reading through this blog and came across Mr.ZZZZZ's little blog about the lack of a slaughter house in the south and an idea struck him.

There is a company in Fort St. John by the name of Gate to Plate Food Services (please click here to read about them). My dad went in to talk to them to see if they ever venture this far south. And guess what. They are totally open to the idea. They have already made trips to the interior of the province and are heading to Sydney BC in a month or so to slaughter a shwack of lamb.

They would obviously need quite a bit of notice and most likely a fair quantity of livestock to make it worth their while but, there mast be someone(wink wink Stanley) who can get the ball rolling on that one.

As they are the only operating mobile abattoir in the province it would mean a great deal to get one here to see if there is enough demand to start operating one full rime...don`t ya think.

get back to me with any ideas.


  1. This is all a very good thing, and I think it is a tenable solution but let me pause for a moment and curse the darkness that closed the abattoirs in the first place.


    I guess in the end it doesn't make much difference if the cows (sheep, goats, pigs) are driven to the slaughter house or if the slaughter house drives to them, but there's that ol' sustainability issue rearing its ugly head again.

    I'd be a little more into it if it were an Okanagan co-op mobile slaughter operation that ran on grease from the restaurants, not to mention the rendered fat of the slaughtered animals...

  2. Yes, I like that last bit just fine. Now what could we do to have something like that developed in the okanagan. Would all the livestock producers have to get together and pool resources? They must have some sort of A.G.M would they not. Perhaps having "gate to plate" come down and have a little talk with these people would be the way to go. Anyone know a really top notch butcher looking to get into the mobile slaughter business?