Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey Chef

What's for staff lunch today?


  1. tomorrows lunch feature:
    Pan seared snapper and grilled baja scallop.
    smoked potato, house cured bacon and morel hash.
    green beans, roasted red pepper pudding

  2. Shannon and I also hammer out a fine booty of bread yesterday:
    -Roasted garlic, olive and garden heab epis'
    -Ciabatta style sourdough(yeast free)
    -Country style whole wheat sourdough loaf(yeast free)
    -Preserved lemon, sage & black current mustard loaf (60% whole wheat)

  3. heabs eh? What are we Australian?
    gotta love all those HEAAAABS!
    yesterday Jon and I (mostly Jon) did an appetizer feature of sauted local morel mushrooms, local asparagus with shallots/demi/herbs/butter. with a dungeness crab and house made ricotta raviolis (those things were delicious, made by jon). sexy little appy.
    today may be pan seared salmon, with halibut mousse stuffed morels (they are huge), we just got in some strawberries so maybe a strawberry balsamic and blackpepper jus.
    who knows!

  4. Well we had a fun day in NK. Our brothers to the south won their game over the the Greeks who so deftly prove glorious leader right about woes of capitalism.
    So six in one hand half a dozen in the other I guess.

    Lunch feature was cool today. I tried to do a little play on the popular pairing between strawberries, balsamic, black pepper and vanilla ice cream.

    What I got out of it was as follows:
    Pan seared spring salmon
    strawberry and black pepper clafloutis
    arugula salad and balsamic paint.
    I think it was well received by the general public.

    Yesterday we had a nice little ditty as well:
    Corned bison brisket on Ciabatta(sometimes Glourious leader insists on slipping imports across the border, for no other reason than lack of desire to see other succeed. i.e. ciabatta),sauerkraut, hot honey mustard, arugula, tomato. and on the side a nice little smoked potato salad.

    Today Marty and I hammered out 42 ciabatta buns without anyone really even noticing...hmmmm, that was easy wasn't it. yup.

  5. i keep forgetting to take pics uggggggh frick'n idioso.
    so yesterday was: pan seared yellow eye snapper,
    local morel and house made ricotta capelletis (chef Jon made them, local strawberry vinaigrette, local strawberry and harkers organic greens salad.

    today was pan seared ling cod, israli cous cous salad (with caper berries, oven dry toms, preserved lemon, organic basil)
    local strawberry emulsion
    harkers organic braising greens, B.C. spot prawns.

    ate chiopini for staff meal, was sexcellent!

  6. today was indeed a special worth specialing:
    Homemade English muffins
    homemade ricotta
    savory strawberry compote
    all that made a nice little McMuffin if you will.
    add to that a perfectly cooked mollet egg and some house made porchetta and you've got yourself a nice little summer lunch

  7. Sounds like you BOV guys are having some fun down there Chef Peltier. I like the sounds of your McMuffin. You should try to spring a camera out of your boss as a bonus so that you can show off what you're doing down there!

  8. I can't even spring some earplugs out of my boss, let alone a camera. Those photos are on the flicker site though. I like the sounds of the porkford files. Perhaps Magnum P.I.G. is in the works down here. How is the little sweat box of a kitchen working out for ya. I bet you were my size right about now