Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Ideas Are Not Your Ideas

Taken from Paul Arden's book It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be

Hey Okanagan food, how good do you want to be?

Pedal or coast? Mike Love or Brian Wilson?

Now that "the season" is ending, what's up for your down time?


  1. What is the story with this book? They're selling it on the front display of Urban Outfitters. I 'mis'read this for a harbinger of doom as that entire store/culture spells androgynous-mustachioed-plaid-and-ultra-skinny-jeans doom. DOOM I tells ya! And I do not want to know how good those 'kids' want to be.

    But they are having a sale on hemmed cutoffs (normally $50), hemmed just right so they still have that frayed "cut" look. No need to cut 'em yourself! Now we can have the little tikes who sewed up the pants cut them off and hem them up. Roll the rock up the hill, smash it up and put it back together before it rolls back down the hill.

    Pleased to be ignoring the above post.

    End of the season. Surfing those last few little waves into mid-Fall. Slow roasting tomatoes, making pesto, still getting some green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and grapes. Salad days, my friend. Cooler weather means lettuce and spinach! Salad days indeed.

  2. As far as books go, there are worse. That picture is a strange and wonderful harbinger of "open source"--which isn't about green hats with little red stars, I promise, but getting things done correctly and moving forward!

    "forward forever, backward never"

    let us share "the wheel" with those who confuse cutting open bags, dumping contents into boiling water and serving with a life's work (or something to be eaten.)

    salad days, like "wishing for the day when I first wore this suit?"

    thanking you for the comment! Come again!