Friday, January 14, 2011


I want to send a shout out to all you home bakers out there. I have recently read this book cover to cover and have to share with you all. I am a bread enthusiast, and much like the author of this book I have been dreaming of creating the perfect loaf of bread for most of my career. This author takes you on his journey of finding the "perfect loaf." Although there are many good recipe books out there, this one has brought me the closest yet to my "perfect loaf" after just three rounds in the oven with their formula.

The Basic Country Loaf formula has dramatic shape, the crust is strong and has the perfect crunch. The crumb is airy and open. This book is a great referrence for professional chefs looking to understand bread better and take their breadmaking skill to the next level. The great thing about it though is the book was written and photographed in a way that even a novice can have great success. The recipes in the book are unique, and along with several bread formulas, the author has also included great ways to use "days old" bead too.

Here are some pics from my first loaves. Happy Cooking!!


  1. You're either up really early or up really late making that bread...kudos either way!

  2. Ya Rob!!!

    That looks awesome. I find that there are very few things in life that are as satisfying as a perfect loaf of bread. Both in the baking and in the eating.

    Do you have a sourdough sponge working full time now? Shannon and I have a white flour(spot) and a whole wheat(richard) that will be turning 3 in April.

    But ya, beautiful bread man, enjoy.